Private Math tutor

Looking for private tutors math? Well, look no more. You found me! Hello, my name is Jetser Carasco.

I am a Professor of mathematics, with more than 4 years of experience in the teaching of mathematics in Massachusetts.

Jetser-Carasco-pictureI attended the University of Massachusetts Boston where I graduated with a major math and the University of West Indies and Guyana, Guadeloupe, France), where I graduated with a double major in mathematics and computer science.

I came in a context where mathematics is strongly emphasized, and everyone is supposed to know calculus to obtain a high school diploma.

With back where I came from and where I am today in life, I know what it takes to succeed.

Must be hard work, but also law professor to motivate you and explain things the right way.

Over the years, I have inspired many students with my education and my style. My philosophy and methods are based on simple methods to include:

No excuse! Everyone has a potential to understand math and be good at it Make sure that all measures are indicated and no word is wasted be thorough and do everything in your power to ensure that students understand the concepts you are blocked on a mathematical problem?

You struggle to understand a math concept?

A quiz is coming soon and you don’t always know not what you do?

Do you have math anxiety?

What is you are stuck on a homework assignment?

You are a parent, the search for math private tutors for your kid (s)?

You need tutoring in mathematics at the elementary school, middle school math or math high school

If the answer is Yes to any or all of the above, here’s what I can do for you:

Solve your problems of mathematics and you provide an in-depth explanation by incorporating all the theory and concepts behind them

My goal is to make you fire me fast as a math tutor because the explanation will be as clear, that you can do the problems yourself next time

In fact, if you read my lessons on this site, you must have noticed how thorough I am.

I will be even more thorough because you pay the me guardian you now and you want to be satisfied

Here’s how it works:

Step # 1:

First type your problems using the form below. Include your grade, the subject and your deadline

Note: Don’t wait until the last minute to submit your problems.

Step # 2:

I’ll give you a quote. He will be sent to the email you provided.

Note: What you pay depends on various factors to include numbers of exercises, the length of the solution for each fiscal year and the complexity of the problems

Step # 3:

The process is simple. Once you get a quote from me, I will send also an email using the email address you provided through Paypal.

PayPal will then send you an email requesting payment

Step # 4:

Once I receive confirmation of payment from Paypal, I will send you step by step written solutions to the email address you provided

There is no need to worry. If I decide to tutor you, I will provide you a quality service. In cases where you need extra peace of mind, keep in mind that you can file a dispute with Paypal if you are not satisfied 100%.

Note: It is imperative that you do not forget to type provided in your email address to receive the work

Especial note:

The fact that I already teach in a regular class and the many emails that get on this issue, I could not tutor to everyone and to formulate a response to all your application (s).I am only human!

To increase your chances of success,

Submit your problems as soon as possible and to provide me with enough time to solve your problems.

Send me more than 3 problems

Describe your problems completely and clearly do not omit anything!

As said before, I could not help everyone. If you are really under pressure of time and want an answer quickly, you can use the services provided my Justanswer.

Justanswer, you get help immediately because they have many private math tutor precisely doing for a living.

The capabilities of high calibre math handpicked by staff experts Justanswer after that they have taken and passed a rigorous test of mathematics and their credentials have been verified by a third party

However, if you can wait for me to tutor you, it is waiting!

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