Professor of mathematics of Middle school

Introduction to the field:

To get a job as a Professor of mathematics at lycée, the steps are essentially the same as the steps to follow to become a Professor of mathematics at the secondary school.

You must become certified. To become certified, you must pass a test of the State to obtain a provisional licence. The State then gives you a valid license from 3 to 5 years.

For example, to become certified in mathematics, I took 2 tests. First of all, I took the test of mathematics and of communication and literacy skills. I spent all the tests, they have me a valid license for 5 years

In the meantime, they expect you to pursue a master’s degree in education to become fully qualified. There are certainly other paths. Some people fulfill all the requirements, to include masters at the University.

However, you can get a job without certification if there is a great need.Then, after you are hired, the State or school that you expected that you to obtain your certification as soon as possible.

If you have never taught before, your greatest challenge, more than any other, are your students.

Yes, students of College of education is probably the most difficult endeavor ever. No step to frighten, but prepare yourself!

College students enter the classroom with a variety of problems. Changes in hormones and physical they enter puberty is one of these problems and adolescents do not usually know how to deal with these changes, or even how to explain this to an adult.

Accordingly, they express their fear and emotion with anger, disruptive behaviour, breach of the laws and showing no respect for authority.

If in addition to this, you are Professor of mathematics school, things get better because for some mathematics can be their worst nightmare. In addition, many young people begins middle school with a lot of gaps in their learning

My advice:

As I said, it is just my opinion. What works for me may not work for you. However, I have had experience as a Professor of mathematics of middle school and I found it very useful, do the following:

(1) Firstly be very ready to teach your class. This means that you should have a lesson plan established, ready to teach the class. Gift that you well lesson, no complicated jargon! Remember, if you are not prepared, then they will be prepared for you.

(2) Be still very humble and do not shout. If you are not respectful and you shout at them, you are simply their teacher who cried and be disrespectful, are the appropriate means to deal with frustration.

(3) Listen, listen, hear and listen to. At this age, they have many questions and concerns. Those who need solid answers.If you do listen to them and try your best to answer these questions, while they have no reason to listen.

(4) Be friendly, but don’t be a friend. If you do, you will create a user-friendly environment, lead to learning as opposed to the creation of a hostile environment, where students see you as an enemy.

(5) Be a resolver. Do not solve only problems of mathematics, but help your students also solve the problems they have between them.If you do that, be prepared to deal with that once more.

(6) Keep the consequences to a minimum. Consequences did not decrease the behaviours. How many of you had a speed ticket? You an even speed?If you say no, of course! Good communication between you and your students can help solve most problems of classroom behaviour.

Get the job:

It may be easier to get a job as a Professor of mathematics of middle school, as opposed to a secondary school or primary school more because school districts have problems to keep their teachers by the great challenge that this may sometimes involve.

You can now make an informed decision. For the high school of teaching mathematics, Professor of mathematics to see High school

In any event, be ready for a challenge, to make a difference and to teach with enthusiasm. Your joy will be huge if you get there!

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