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What is a computer programmer? Discover here.

Introduction to the field:

What is a computer programmer? A computer programmer to write code or instructions to perform specific tasks on the computer.

These instructions are called programs. Before writing the code, the programmer has obtain algorithms for a software engineer

To write these instructions, programmers using languages such as Java, C, C++ or COBOL programming.Today, Java is used more and more.

For example, instructions can be granted to the computer that the computer to solve linear equations or the second degree equations.

Our example here is simplified. Programming involves much more complicated tasks.

To program a scientific calculator, for example, may require a solid understanding of a programming language and mathematics at the same time. Very often, what is behind a complicated code is a sophisticated mathematical concept.

The challenge:

Programmers should have the ability to think logically, to use analytical skills and attention to detail.

The work also requires a person to be patient and persistent, because the computer instructions do not work only all the time. Some ingenuity may be sometimes necessary to make things work.

Programmers spend most of their time behind a computer. Long hours of work or weekend work may be required to resolve unexpected problems or to complete a long project.

As a result, programmers are susceptible to eyestrain, back issues, or wrist problems such as carpal tunnel syndrome.

In addition, the programmer must continually further their skills and their knowledge because of the programming industry changing.We have said before that Java is widely used in programming.

Don’t be surprised if an another programming language, more powerful than Java, is designed in the coming decades or even earlier.

Get the job:

It is not impossible to get a job with a degree associate for some positions. However, a Bachelor’s degree is usually required for most jobs programs.

If you have your Bachelor’s degree in mathematics, you will be very attractive for employers. Sooner or later, it is important to become certified.

Certification has emerged to make sure that you are sufficiently competent to carry out your work.

For more information about certification, visit this Web site which explains how to become a certified computer programmer

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Computer software engineer

Introduction to the field:

A computer software engineer the principles of engineering, computing and math to design, develop and test software.

First of all, they need to know the needs of users. Then, they will design, develop, test and maintain the software according to the specifications of the users.

jobs leads the design of many types of software, including games on computer, word processing, excel, compilers and operating systems.

Design of an operating system, such as Windows xp is a fabulous and unique task.

It is important to make the difference between them and the programmers

A part of the work of a software designer is to create algorithms. It’s detailed instructions that tell a computer what to do.

Then, the programmer will write these instructions using a language of programming such as Java, C++, C or Cobol.

They are perfectly able to write programs, but it is not their primary responsibility. It is the responsibility of the programmer to write codes.

The challenge:

People in challenges like field face as computer programmers. Long hours of work may come unexpectedly to complete long projects or unexpected problems.

Unexpected problems such as bugs, unexpected and difficult piece of codes or other types of complications come virtually with the job description

I was graduated in guadeloupe (France), with a double major in mathematics and computer science. I have had an overview of what it is to design and write codes

However, I rather to solve mathematical problems and write math tests, as opposed to play with by trial and error codes

Great analytical skills is necessary to isolate problems, solutions, and exceptions.

I think you can be great at math even though you may have limited or no knowledge in computer science.

However, you may not be a good programmer or software jointly if you beat in mathematics

Yes, this area requires mathematical skills. Among others, it is important to know the discrete mathematics.

Discrete mathematics has applications in almost all imaginable areas of study, but it has many applications in software engineering. In fact, mathematics are essential for the creation of software.

The only thing that I would not do is the educational achievement of mathematical software, especially games mathh. I could survive to do this!

In any event, a computer software engineer spend a lot of time behind the computer, it is not uncommon that people in this area back, eyestrain and wrist problems, such as carpal tunnel syndrome problems.

In addition, every new project is a new challenge and it may require months or even years to complete depends on the nature of the project and how many people work there.

Get the job as a computer software engineer:

It is not difficult to get a job as a software engineer with a math major. I have said before, but after my diploma with a math major, I had an interview with analog devices to become a software engineer.

Althougth I did not obtain employment, the diploma in mathematics definitely helped me to get the interview.

Any company that designs software will be more than happy to hire a major math as a member of their staff.

A Bachelor degree in mathematics is everything you need. Keep your eyes open. the following companies may have a position open for you:


Oracle corporation

Tone software




AT & T

and so on…

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