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Solving the equations of the second degree

Solving the equations of the second degree is quite an important skill in mathematics. Many life situations can be modelled with the second degree equations

The objective of this unit is to show you some of the most important technique for factor equations of the second degree. See below:

Important note:

Before starting this unit, it is very important to study, review or what factoring is

Technique # 1:

Solve equations of the second degree by factoring
This technique shows you how to solve the equations of the form ax2 + bx + c = 0 when a = 1 or more

When a = 1, it’s quite simple!

When one is equal to 1, it is a bit tedious. You need to do the trials and errors

Technique # 2:

Address by completing the square
This technique shows you how to fill the place to solve second degree equations

Particular attention to all stages and to learn more!

The evidence even of the quadratic formula is entirely based on this technique.

Make sure that you understand, or you can fight a lot to understand the proof of the quadratic formula

Technique # 3:

Solve using the quadratic formula
Technique # 1 (a) of the limits in the resolution of the equations of the second degree. When the answers are not whole numbers, but the real numbers, it is very difficult or almost impossible to find solutions.

With this formula, you can solve the equations of the second degree and it does not matter how complex the equation is or how weird is the answer.

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